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Every family must have 220V AC Cooling Fan

Date: 2015-8-29   Click: 2008 Times

"220V AC Cooling Fan" Installation and Maintenance Editor
1, 220V AC Cooling Fan before installation should first check whether the cause due to packing and shipping damage, deformation, if damaged or deformed should be repaired after installation.
2, then check all the parts and screws are loose; whether touching or displacement between the blade and duct before installation if collide or shift should be adjusted.
3, "220V AC Cooling Fan" should be carried out after installation test machine, to be carried out on-line before the fan is operating normally use.
4, fans of long-term placement of re-use, the fan should be checked if no abnormal test run before online use.
5, "220V AC Cooling Fan" After installation, wiring together should seal to prevent leakage caused by short circuit wiring together burning motor.

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