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Blower Fan Machinery Industry Priority areas

Date: 2016-9-13   Click: 4482 Times

China "Blower Fan" machinery industry will focus on five main areas. First, high-end equipment products, including advanced and efficient electrical equipment, large-scale petrochemical equipment, large metallurgical and mining equipment, modern agricultural equipment, high efficiency and low emissions of internal combustion engines, digital, intelligent instrumentation and automated control systems. Second, the emerging industrial equipment, including new energy vehicles, new energy generation facilities (nuclear power, wind power and other clean and efficient power generation equipment), smart grid devices, high-end CNC machine tools and precision machining equipment, intelligent printing equipment, marine engineering equipment, industrial robots and special robots, intelligent large-scale construction machinery, energy saving and environmental protection equipment. Third, people's livelihood and mechanical equipment, including safety emergency rescue equipment, medical equipment, consumer goods production and circulation modernization of the "complete solution", modern office equipment, and other text. Fourth, critical infrastructure products, including large-scale and precision castings and forgings, key infrastructure components, processing aids, special high-quality special materials. Fifth, the basic technology and technology, focusing on promoting technology research casting, forging, welding, heat treatment and surface engineering technology and other infrastructure, and vigorously promote research and development and application of computer-aided technology (CAX) and other basic technologies.

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